Yoga and my wellbeing

When Yoga was first mentioned by the GP’s as an activity that was to be offered to the whole practice, I liked the idea but I was vastly overweight and thought there was no way I could bend and take part. There was no way I could do it without making a complete idiot of myself.

I checked online to find out if larger people were able to do yoga and found to my surprise they could not only take part but enjoyed yoga.

I may make a complete fool of myself but I would give it one go and see. The first class I felt comfortable as the teacher was great, making you feel you were able to just do what you could and that was ok. No judgements and no pressure. Also doing the class with just the people you knew helped as well.

From the first class I was hooked, I could not believe the difference it made not only to my physical wellbeing but my mental state. I felt calmer, more energized and it sparked something in me that told me I could take control of myself and up to me to alter the things in my life that I did not like. It gives me a more positive mind set that I was worth more.

So the next step was to join a slimming club, start swimming, walking, gardening and being happier with who I am. I have now lost 3 stone and have a beautiful front garden (still work in progress). My colleagues have been a great encouragement, but it was the yoga that started me on my journey of improving both my health and wellbeing. I would recommend it to any one and have done so. I was in a cafe where a large biker was sitting at the next table as he tried to get up he moaned that his back hurt, so I turned to him and told him he should try yoga. He did look at me a little strangely but it may make him think about it.

Annette Fennell, Practice Receptionist

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